Cupcake Toppers

Options for the Cupcake ToppersI’m working on cupcake toppers for D’s 5th birthday party in one week. She likes rainbows and wants a “5” on them.  I’ve come up with several options and hope she likes one.   I like the serif fonts the best and am leaning toward the shape of the “5” in the lower right.  I like the big ball shape at the end of the number tail.   I like how it is fat in places and can display a good amount of  color in those spaces.  But I also like it’s skinny spaces which give it spunk I think, strength.  I tried out a few different borders on a circle shape around the number to see what that space could look like.  I will show them to D tonight to see which she is drawn to.

She wants chocolate cake for her cupcake base but S complained that she didn’t like chocolate so when last I listened, D was being talked into cherry chip or rainbow sprinkle.  Ah, the influence of sisters.  It is always interesting to watch them.  Sometimes they so easily sway to their sister’s preference and then there are other times when they will fight tooth and nail for their own choices.

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