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Gathers Cocktail

Had dinner with the BiosPacific folks at Gather in Berkeley in July to celebrate another stellar year for them (and for me-joining such a great group).  The bartender made several unique drinks that he created on the spot. This is the one he made for me. Ingredients: 1 dash Scrappers Cardamon bitters 2 dashes Bitter […]

Waking dreams

This is the fifth night that Aeryn has woken with waking night terrors. She wakes up yelling upset and afraid. Tonight the words I could understand were “I don’t know where to put it”, “I need to x out”. I ask he what it is but she doesn’t know. Often she wants to be held […]

Nightmares and regrets

To this day I have dreams that I am back at college and am oversleeping and have unissued a class or a test. Sometimes in these dreams I become shocked and distressed as I realize that I’ve missed so many classes that I have no idea what is on the test or how best to […]


My life seems to continue to change. Just when I feel I have firm gripe on the bearing I’ve set for my current journey, sometimes a small wrench and sometimes a giant earthquake wrecks my plans.  There are days where I can manage the change in good humor but there are others where, well, I’m […]

Pecan Pralines

Pecan pralines have been a staple of my Christmases since I can remember.  When I was very young, every year my grandmother on my mom’s side would make at least one (if not more) batch of these delights.  My grandmother’s pralines have the wonderful sweet and buttery flavor which is the standard flavor of the […]